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    Blogs and Other Articles on the Web

    Apart from on-line academic journals, the following non-refereed material by me is accessible via these links:


    2018 - My New Politics blog

    Education is not a public good

    Socialism has invaded the moral high ground

    The mysterious socialism of Bernie Sanders

    200 years of Karl Marx

    Lenin was a neoliberal - and other jokes

    Brexit, nationalism and Empire

    Liberal solidarity and the seven dimensions of liberalism

    Neoliberalism versus liberal solidarity

    The socialist algorithm

    Remembering Norman Geras


    2018 - Other

    What the world can learn about equality from the Nordic model


    2017 - My New Politics blog

    The Liberal-Labour dialectic

    Our resurgent enemy: authoritarian nationalism trumps neoliberalism

    Blindly following “the will of the people” is lazy and unprincipled

    Christianity and Islam: texts and contexts

    Is Marxism right-wing?

    What might have happened if Tony Blair had introduced electoral reform?

    Neoliberalism and fascism

    When I tried to rewrite Labour’s Clause Four

    Tories and Labour: the new-old economic nationalists

    Socialism and Individualism: Two different cars driving off the same Brexit cliff

    From Russia to Venezuela: a century of useful idiocy

    Marxism, neoliberalism and the roots of dictatorship

    Whither socialism? - Some lessons from the past

    My long journey from socialism to liberalism

    The politics of Ken Loach: Some questions for Labour

    The Levellers were liberal democrats - not socialists


    2017 - Other

    How the politics of the Left lost its way

    Globalisation won't do away with variations in capitalism

    1688 and All That - A Summary


    2016 - My New Politics blog

    About my New Politics blog

    Jeremy Corbyn is no interloper - He is part of Labour's DNA

    The broken language of 'Left' and 'Right'

    Corbyn, Brexit and the impossibility of democratic absolutism

    The terminators: Have Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn destroyed the Labour Party?

    Let us rebuild the house of the Left: Labour and the Liberal Democrats

    The essential role of private enterprise in a modern economy

    Reducing inequality – within capitalism

    On Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘obvious’ socialism

    When Labour fights Trotskyist entryism it has two hands tied behind its back

    The perils of Corbynista populism

    The muddled mystique of Karl Polanyi

    PROPERTY: When Ludwig von Mises got into bed with Karl Marx

    Agoraphobics blame neoliberalism for Trump

    On the causes of Brexit and Trumpageddon

    Immigration, assimilation and religion: failures of the Left


    2016- Other

    Should davos delegates live in fear of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’?

    Utility maximization is an unfalsifiable and inadequate explanation of human behavior

    Economists forgot Smith and Darwin's message: Society cannot function without moral bonds

    How capitalism actually generates more inequality

    How would Jeremy Corbyn’s socialism actually work?

    Imagine economics as an evolutionary science



    Six reasons why China's economy is weaker than you think



    The European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy after 25 years

    Piketty has redefined capital, after 200 years of confusion



    After 1929 economics changed: will economists wake up in 2009?

    What is wrong with mainstream economics?