The majority of today’s employers see continuing education as a critical component of retaining, motivating and developing their employees.

How to Make Professional Business Development Happen in the Current Economy?

The gig economy and rise in contracting services have created an environment where professional development has become secondary to meeting quarterly goals.

While most companies are tightening their belts, others are cutting back on perks like education programs or even making it harder to take advantage of them by reducing the number of days they can be away from the office or taking away subsidies for hotels and flights.

Make Employees Your Most Important Asset

Studies show that companies whose employees feel loyal and engaged generate three times the revenue of companies that have disengaged employees.

Employee development, especially professional development, is a great way to show employees that they are valued.

It gives them the tools they need to succeed and grow within their current role, as well as in their career.

Investment in Employee Growth should be seen as an Investment in Company Growth

It’s easy to see how employee development can benefit the individual, but many people don’t understand its impact on the company. After all, employees need to find their own path and see the value in what they’re doing. However, having employees who are engaged and excited about their roles means that they are more likely to be successful and stay at the company.