Generalized Darwinism is a term that describes the theory of natural selection and its implications as they apply to the business ecosystem, rather than just biology. 

Why Do We Need Generalized Darwinism to Make a Living in the Business Economy?

Businesses are not the same as animals, which means we need generalized Darwinism and a set of principles that can help us thrive in this volatile economy. We need a theory that encompasses everything from innovation to customer relationships so we can take control of our businesses once again.

It Helps Businesses Stay Relevant

Darwinism’s original application is to biological organisms and their survival in the face of a changing environment. While this is still very relevant, the concept needs to be generalized for the business world and can be applied to innovation, customer relationships, and employee development. Generalized Darwinism shifts attention from products and services to the people who use them and apply them in their jobs.

Generalized Darwinism helps businesses stay relevant and thrive by motivating employees to reach their full potential, by staying connected with customers, and by consistently coming up with innovative ideas.

Generalized Darwinism provides a framework for businesses to adapt to change, to thrive, and to grow. Without it, businesses will be left trying to survive without a clear path forward.